Monday, September 29, 2008

blonde bombshell

i dyed my hair last night. big mistake! i thought i would give myself a makeover; platinum blonde hair with dark brown eyebrows and red/ light brown facial hair. (for some reason my facial hair is the only part of my body that has multi-colored, bright ass hair.) the look i was going for was gay mexican twinkie- blonde hair with brown skin- sexy, no? you're probably making an ugly face and sayig "eww, no!"
after keeping the hair dye in for an hour and fifteen minutes and my eyes burning to the point of me running around the house screaming, i finally washed it out... COPPER! thats the closest color that comes to mind the moment i took the safeway plastic bag off my head. light brown, blonde-ish with a hint of orange. UGLY! may have looked good on ginger spice but not a short mexican gay boy. of course, being as impatient as i am, i made an appointment to chop off all my hair at the cheap beauty skul. so tomorrow, at 1:00pm i will be saying goodbye to half my hair. after thats done with, im running to the store to buy quick blue and #30 stabilizer, keeping it in as long as it takes!... or until my hair falls out; whichever happens first. hopefully tomorrow after round two, i will be the mexican male version of marilyn monroe. blonde bombshell!