Wednesday, October 15, 2008


last monday morning i woke up with a tube the size of my arm down my throat. i was at UCSF hospital, admitted under what they told me was "attempted suicide." i would hardly call taking some tylenol when you're sick and a little drunk is considered attempted suicide! well, it was more of a bottle than the actual recommended 2 pills, to be precise. "why?" you ask? i guess depression is the main factor. so now i attend mandatory counseling sessions every other week for the rest of the year. (thank God its already october!)
counseling meeting:
psychiatrist: so tell me why you are here.
me: because the hospital said they would only dispatch me and nottake me to a psychiatric hospital if i came here. so here i am.
psychiatrist: so why'd you do it? a whole bottle of tylenol pm? did you try to kill yourself?
me: i was sick and i needed to sleep.
psychiatrist: forever?! (haha- good one doc!)
me: i guess so. actually no, i just like attention.
45 minutes later, i learned that i grew up with a troubled childhood and i'm confused about who i really am and where i'm going in life? isn't everyone like this?!